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The UKs’ favourite, best-selling tabloid newspaper can now be yours whenever and wherever you want it with The Sun Mobile app. Delivering all the latest breaking global news, sports, showbiz stories and celeb gossip that you need to know every minute of every day… It’s The Sun, and then some!Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, The Sun Mobile app keeps you informed with what is happening around the world and brings it right to your fingertips with alerts about the latest breaking headlines. Everything you have come to expect and love from The Sun can be on your mobile when you download The Sun Mobile app. The Sun Mobile app is all you need in one easy to use app, packed full of articles, pictures and videos, constantly updated 24/7 with live news reports on breaking global stories. Discover the latest showbiz scandals and exclusives in Bizarre, read about the latest Hollywood celeb rumours, check out the top telly listings and the very latest sports results will keep you up to date.Daily Sun favourites include, Dear Deidre's advice column, Mystic Meg, Bizarre and articles from all our charismatic columnists, including Jeremy Clarkson and Jane Moore. The Sun Mobile app has all you would expect to find in the pages of the nations’ favourite best-selling tabloid newspaper, giving you all the global news reports you need direct to your mobile.Key Features:Dear Deirdre, the nations’ number one agony aunt is on hand and can answer your questions about life and love.Jane Moore with her colourful articles and witty opinions on life, she never runs out of things to say about everything from politics to crime, she’s always entertaining and always in The Sun Mobile app.Jeremy Clarkson, outspoken and forthright views written in his thought provoking tongue in cheek style.Bizarre for all the gossip, scandals and rumours on your favourite celebs, all the stories behind your favourite telly shows and reports on what’s happening behind the scenes in the world of showbiz.Be entertained with a great daily quiz, challenging puzzles, top telly picks, an insiders look at the world of soaps. You can hear all the showbiz celeb rumours, scandals and gossip first and stay informed with a round-up of the best pictures of the day. Gesture-based features mean that you can pull up a menu by swiping from the left side of the screen to the right. Options include All, Sport, News, Showbiz, Regulars, Scotland, and many others. If the latest football results are what you want, you can watch goals, highlights and get all the footie news on our Football app – Sun Goals. Your life is busy, your time is precious, The Sun Mobile app is everything you need direct to you in one easy to use app to stay current and informed about the global headlines. Up to the minute articles, stories, pictures and video reports, hear all the gossip and scandals with Bizarre rumours, see all the sports results, all the telly listings you need and read all about the latest breaking headlines. It’s a whole new world of digital entertainment from your favourite tabloid newspaper all in the palm of your hand.The Sun Mobile app, It’s The Sun, and then some… us on: Contact us page: